Although studies have been performed to retrieve information about sports-related injury incidence patterns observed in high school and collegiate athletes, little research has been done to investigate the causes of the injuries that occur. This study analyzes five sports (tennis, baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, and football) to explore the connections between the sport-specific motions of each of these sports and the most common injuries that correlate in frequency with the sport. While this research answers the question of why certain athletes are prone to the injuries that correspond with their sport, it also examines care and prevention strategies with the goal of lowering the number of sports-related injuries in the United States. After reviewing numerous studies performed by injury surveillance programs, in addition to different methodologies involving care and prevention techniques, it is clear that not enough focus is being placed on training athletes properly in order to avoid injury. Therefore, this study calls for the necessary implementation of injury prevention programs into an athlete’s daily regimen that are uniquely suited for each sport being performed in order to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. Ultimately, this will simultaneously teach and reinforce the proper technique needed to perform for the highest and safest level of play.


Comparative Analysis; Injury; Sports; Anatomy; Care and Prevention; Physiology

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Dr. Marci Swede

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Health Sciences