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Brouwer, Joel (text of poem), Christopher K. Wilde (publisher)


Scott Teplin (illustrations), Patrick JB Flynn (design and printing), Paul Denhoad (handmade paper), Caroline Byrne (covers and dog tags), Mark Wagner (box)


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“Wrapped in gauze and in uniform, with the personal effects still in the pockets, the book is the body of a soldier. The paper made to hold metal shards like the skin of a soldier damaged in battle. Complicity in state sponsored violence and empathy for it's [sic] victims are implied through the material signification and illustration of Brouwer's brilliant text. The blood is our responsibility, so too is the healing. The roughly hewn pine caskets made by Mark Wagner serve the emotional coup-de-grace.” –Artichoke Yink Press website. Pagination: One v. [12] p: ill. Flyleaves of white gauze. Dimensions: Book 31 x 26 cm. Box 36 x 31 x 9 cm. Limited edition: 9/30.


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