DigitalCommons@LIU is an open-access repository maintained by the LIU libraries with the goal of preserving the research and scholarly output created by LIU community of faculty and students, as well as academic units and departments. In addition, the Digital Commons presents selections from the University Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives. Contributions to the repository are voluntary.

I. Type of Content

Work submitted to the repository should be scholarly, educational, and /or research-based and should merit long term preservation and storage. Materials that can be uploaded into the repository include journal articles, working papers, technical reports, campus publications, university documents, conference papers, presentations, images, video and sound files, as well as full-text and abstracts of theses and dissertations. A list of file types that can be stored in the repository is included as an appendix at the end of these guidelines.*

II. Repository Structure

The repository is organized into a hierarchical structure of communities, sub-communities, and series or galleries. Communities represent individual campuses; sub-communities correspond to schools, colleges, administrative departments, and other centers. Series and galleries are individual collections within the specific sub-communities. LIU community members who wish to deposit content and do not find the appropriate sub-community should contact the University libraries.

III. Authorship

Works eligible for submission are those produced or co-produced by LIU faculty, students, or staff. Other works, such as proceedings of conferences, must be sponsored by LIU community members to be eligible for inclusion. Any submission by an LIU student requires approval by the appropriate faculty member. Please use Faculty Member Approval Form to obtain such permission. All submissions must be accompanied by a system-supplied author agreement form.

IV. Copyright

The submitting LIU author bears the sole responsibility for obtaining copyright clearance from all authors, co-authors, publishers, and any other copyright holders or originators whose work constitutes any part of the submitted work. Such clearance must be secured in writing prior to any submission by using Third Party Materials Copyright Clearance Form. Please consult appropriate sources, such as Sherpa/Romeo or individual journal website, to determine whether existing publishing agreements allow posting to the Digital Commons. Additional legal inquiries regarding submissions should be directed to the Office of the University Counsel. The University Libraries will not provide opinions regarding authors’ rights. For general copyright information, consult the Brooklyn Campus Library copyright guide or the Post Campus Library copyright guide.

V. Access, Restriction, and Withdrawal

The DigitalCommons@LIU encourages free and open access. Content may be indexed in major search engines, including Google Scholar. In certain situations, access to materials may be restricted only to members of the LIU community. The University Libraries reserve the right to withdraw content due to copyright issues and to restrict access to embargoed works. The repository provides permanent storage and access for submitted work. Authors wishing to withdraw previously submitted work should contact the University libraries.

Appendix: File Types Supported within DigitalCommons@LIU*

Text, Page Description, and Microsoft Office File Formats
PDF, PDF/A (.pdf)
Plain Text (.txt)
Postscript (.ps)
Rich Text (.rtf)
XML (.xml)
HTML (.html, .htm)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Latex (.latex)
Tex (.tex)

Image File Formats
TIFF (.tiff)
JPEG, JPEG2000 (.jpg, .jpg2)
GIF (.gif)
PNG (.png)
BMP (.bmp)

Video File Formats
MPEG (i.e., MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4) (.mp1, .mp2, .mp4)
QuickTime - Apple (.mov)
Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) - Microsoft (.avi)
Windows Media video (.wmv)

Audio File Formats
MPEG audio (.mp3)
AAC_M4A (m4a, .mp4)
AIFF (.aif, aiff)
Wave (.wav)
Windows Media Audio (.wma)
Audio/Basic (.au, .snd)

*These sections of this document were adapted from CSU Digital Repository Policies & Guidelines.