Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Media Arts

First Advisor

Larry Banks

Committee Chair and Members

Larry Banks, Chair

Marjan Moghaddam

Daniel Durning


3D animation, Augmented reality, Design, Mixed reality, Mobile AR, Short film


The title of the thesis Is - The New Motion Picture: Can Interactivity in AR Enhance Storytelling In Modern Filmmaking?

For the theory, I will be exploring how AR has developed from the history of its many applications to its current implementation in smartphones and how current filmmakers are working with this technology to produce new content.

For production, I will create one or multiple spatial AR scenes using real-world locations that incorporate elements of a short film story for users to interact with. This may include 3d assets, paths and destinations e.t.c.

The theory paper will introduce readers to the concepts and various uses of mobile AR while providing a new short film story/script that will be visually presented using a smartphone and spatial AR. The theory will help us understand how all the various tools are used to craft a film in mobile AR.