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My piece examines the impact of New York’s uniquely bad disposal system on the city as a whole. My square is made mostly of recycled materials, including clothes and scraps from other sewing projects. The focal point of the piece is a pair of back pockets from old jeans, arranged to appear as trash bags, sitting on a sidewalk. Rats, a clogged storm drain, and a flooding city complete the image of the dangers that this system of disposal creates. There are three buildings in the background, each one representing a different community, all of which are in danger. The synagogue represents the upper-class Chasidic communities throughout the city, known for the power they have over various spheres. The florist shop represents small businesses throughout the city, and the middle-class people who own, patronize, and work in those small businesses. The final building is a NYCHA apartment, representing lower income people who live in government housing. While the flooding affects all three structures, the water is at different levels for each building, showing how those who are already vulnerable are most severely affected.

Publication Date

Spring 2022