How the Other Half Lives

How the Other Half Lives


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In my quilt I try to show the uneven distribution of pollution that can be seen in cities. I split my square in half. On one half there are smaller houses that are very close to factories. It can be seen that the smoke that is produced by the factories surrounds the houses that are close by. On the other half there are much nicer houses that are meant to be brownstone houses. The smaller houses that are surrounded by smoke are meant to show how people of a lower socioeconomic position tend to be more exposed to pollution, while people in a higher socioeconomic position are not exposed to pollution to the same extent as the other side is. I use cooler and darker colors, to bring out a sense of sorrow and some sympathy for those people who suffer the negative impact of living in neighborhoods that have high exposure to pollution. The warm and brighter colors are meant to show how people in more affluent neighborhoods are almost unaffected.

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Spring 2022


Art and Design | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Urban Studies and Planning

How the Other Half Lives