Intelligent Densification

Intelligent Densification


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Urban life is becoming ever more prevalent in modern society and with this growth come new challenges, responsibilities, and consequences. In my piece, I present what a city should look like both now and in the future. I hope to inspire city dwellers, old and young, to make contributions, no matter how small, to creating the cities we deserve, and more importantly that our world deserves. To make my square for the quilt, I researched projections of what cities would look like in the future and the role of cities in the fight against climate change. Reusing fabrics from old clothes and other cloth provided to me and of my own supply, I carefully quilted the square, full of color and life, to show how “intelligent densification” in cities can help reduce carbon emissions. It is possible to aid our environment and to improve city life for all. Our cities are beacons of hope for humanity, providing opportunity, a chance to be reborn, and most importantly, a home. If our cities can do all of this for us and more, what’s stopping us from doing this for them?

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Spring 2022


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

Intelligent Densification