Pollution in Minority Neighborhoods

Pollution in Minority Neighborhoods


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The process of crafting my quilt square helped give my research topic a clearer direction. My topic is centered on why and how pollution affects impoverished, minority neighborhoods more than white neighborhoods in America and how this can affect the futures of the children living there. To convey this message using my quilt, I constructed an image of an impoverished, urban environment using fabric and markers. On my quilt, you can see a large factory with smog pouring from its chimneys adjacent to several dilapidated apartment buildings and children playing in the street, signifying the poor and polluted neighborhoods that impoverished minorities inhabit. I also crafted a pair of ill-looking lungs to symbolize the respiratory diseases that these conditions can produce in the inhabitants there. Lastly, the phrase, “Pollution in Minority Neighborhoods” acts as the closer for my quilt, summing up the overall message it presents. The inspiration for this piece is the Industrial Business Zone in East New York, where my middle school was located. This section of the community is lined by factories, vacant lots, and abandoned houses, so my quilt serves as a window into the reality of areas like this one in American cities.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

Pollution in Minority Neighborhoods