Community Gardens

Community Gardens


Kavya Antony


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In urban areas, there are countless buildings, but where is the green? Community gardens are important in maintaining urban sustainability whether to strengthen bonds within communities or contribute to a better urban environment. In my piece, I convey that it requires the efforts of different people to support a community garden. The garden is represented as a big flower that is held on both sides. The flower itself is made up of petals with different colors to represent the variety of plants that could make up these gardens. The center of the flower is brown to represent the soil that holds and nurtures these plants. On one side is the community that supports the garden and on the other side is government officials. Ideally, people in community gardens shouldn’t have to worry about losing the garden but as of now in New York City, if the property is owned by the city, then at any time the city finds another use for the property, it has to be cleared. Around the supported flower is a prosperous environment with butterflies and content people. Though the kind of changes represented by community gardens may take time, I want my quilt to be the view of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

Community Gardens