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For my final paper, I wrote about how urban art affects the urban problems that it addresses. I wanted my quilt square to reflect some ways that such art affects its target. The main idea of the square is to demonstrate different methods artists use to combat environmental problems through representation, performance environment, and intervention. The middle of the square, which depicts these methods, is divided into thirds; each third contains an image representing one of the methods. Representational art spreads awareness and information about the issue. To illustrate this method, I made a bunch of people looking at a billboard that says “info” on it. The billboard represents the art and the word “info” represents the information the art is meant to provide. The viewers of the art are gaining awareness and knowledge about the issue. To depict what a performance environment means, a person can be seen in a bubble that signifies a city. Outside the bubble are different environments. A tree and an iceberg represent deforestation and global warming, respectively—issues that city dwellers may not understand because of their location. The last image depicts a person building a windmill. This is supposed to represent intervention because the person’s art (the windmill) sets the scene for creating change (sustainable power). The art thus directly helps to combat the problem.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning