The Right to the City

The Right to the City


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My work reflects the voice of the public — specifically the residents of NYC. The bottom shows hands reaching out to the top in a unified sense to emphasize that sustainable living is out of reach for many people. The top is a silhouette of the city floating on clouds to symbolize the desire of an established and organized urban living. Between the hands and the city, a phrase reads across “The Right to the City” — an idea advocated by David Harvey, an economic geographer and writer. It is sewed to portray the city as a magical dream that was once of that of the public. The hands of different skin tones represent diversity and are reaching out to the city with a desire to grab it and become a part of it again.

Over time, cities have moved towards the notion of prioritizing economic prosperity rather than that of its society. Wealth rotates in the upper classes and leaves little room for lower and middle classes to progress. This system has led to unsustainable practices and working-class minorities are deprived of equal rights and access to education, housing, and healthcare. In essence, my work depicts the potential for unity — created by the city — of people longing for access to an equitable and sustainable community. I hope this image encourages viewers to stand up collectively to claim their right to the city that has neglected their needs.

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

The Right to the City