A Shared Leadership Approach to Transformational Leadership Theory: Analysis of Research Methods and Philosophies

Brian J. Galli, Long Island University


The main objective of this paper is to identify the research philosophy as well as research methodologies that are most appropriate for the research fields identified above; this paper will highlight the research methodologies that are most applicable to this research effort by reviewing the research methodologies utilized in research performed by other researchers, in similar fields of research to those identified above. This paper acts as a guide in order to outline the research philosophies, research canons, ethical considerations, research methodologies/designs, data collection and analysis methods, sample size requirements, and “what to measure” requirements. Based on the decision to utilize the quantitative research philosophy, the paper discusses other significant research topics in terms of the quantitative research philosophy. The topics will be discussed from the quantitative perspective in order to provide the reader with the full understanding of how the quantitative research philosophy needs to be accounted for in every aspect of the research design/approach. Finally, the paper discusses a general summary of the various section of the paper and the final section also details the future intentions and responsibilities of the researcher.