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Conference Proceeding

Publication Date

Winter 2017


“Healthcare” is typically related directly to patient care, hospitals, and ambulatory services, but it is important to see that healthcare is beyond just the delivery of care in hospitals or ambulatory services. A more accurate systems approach to views the world of healthcare as one that involves several stakeholders, including: healthcare delivery (patient care in hospitals and ambulatory services), regulatory agencies, health insurance/health plan organizations, medical device design and manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, society, government (all levels), and healthcare reform organizations. All of these stakeholders relate to each other in many levels and impact our healthcare system.

This paper will cover the value of seeing healthcare as a system that involves all of these stakeholders. The paper will take a systems approach to integrating the objectives and barriers of each of these stakeholders and showing how all of these parties relate to impact healthcare from the system perspective. It will go beyond just seeing our healthcare system as just delivery of patient care, but really all of the different stakeholders having a role to play in the true healthcare system.