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17th century


"The stock is elaborately inlaid with quaint birds in brass engraved and designs in mother-o'-pearl intercepted with brass wire and point inlay work, the ram-rod holders being of ivory. The stock, of fine form, is similar to that illustrated in Fig. 536 in the 1890 edition of ""Bandboch des Waffenkunde,"" by ""Wendein Boeheim."" the lock is a bold and typical one. The whole is of good workmanship and less crude than the majority of early matchlock weapons. Provenance: Purchased by William Randolph Hearst from H.I. & R. H. Archduke Eugen, F.M., Austria Sale, through Anderson Galleries, March 7, 1927 for $280; sold to Gimbel Bros., Inc., July 26, 1941 for $119. "


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Long Island University, Brookville, NY, Photograph, William Randolph Hearst Archive, S/B lot 1033, Article 145, Album 1a, p. 1