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18th century


"The four barrels are arranged in a square and held together by a metal band. Each carries its own pan and steel. The lock bears only one cock, the four pans with their steels being brought round in front of it in turn by hand. The stock has gilt bronze mounts. Each of these pistols is furnished with a stopper to prevent dust from getting into the barrel when the weapon is out of use, and which, being at the same time a loading measure, allows the four barrels to be simultaneously loaded without blundering. The tops of the measures form screwdrivers. From the Dupasquier Collection. Provenance: Purchased by William Randolph Hearst from Arnold Seligmann, Rey & Co., Inc."


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Long Island University, Brookville, NY, Photograph, William Randolph Hearst Archive, S/B lot 625, Articles 170 & 171, Album 1b, p. 54


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