The main purpose of this thesis is to present, discuss and criticize the effect of negative body imagining caused by social media. This will be achieved in part by explaining the history of women and the change of their appearances and Body Mass Index during different times in history. It will also discuss the historical differences of what was considered attractive during those times based on different forms of social media and how it changed from time period to period. Later on in the thesis I will discuss the strong negative influences caused by social media and in the fashion industry. This explains how these two combined forces can causes the average women to view themselves poorly. In comparison to these perfect and unrealistic versions of beauty that media displays and the idea behind the perfect body. Also explaining how this can lead to mental and physical effect on women to fit societies view of perfect. A long with how new technology for designers can change the appearance and look of the actual models, compared to what is being shown to society


body imaging; negative social media;

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Rich Del Rosso

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Digital Design and Technology