If you were to stop what you’re doing right now and someone was to give you a blank map of the world, how many countries would you be able to label? How many countries have you been to? If you had to pick 5 different locations for dream vacations, would you know how much it would cost? If you were required to move to a new location outside of your home country, where would you go, what should you consider before moving? Before starting my research, I was barely able to label all 50 states in my own country, let alone any other country around the world. Eager to learn, I dedicated my research to solving these questions. I’ve split my research into two parts. Part I include my first-hand experience of going from never leaving the United States to financing my travels to thirty countries in Europe in the most efficient way possible. Part II is a mix of research, and personal experience from Part I, on what to consider when looking to move abroad. Can a long-island college student finance his way across the world when he’s never left before? Through my thesis research, and first-hand experience, my successes and pitfalls, I can help others travel. I can help individuals learn from my method most efficient, and cost-effective way to travel the world. It will give a sense of direction and considerations when moving from the United States abroad.

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Carol Boyer

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