This paper will be paired with a magazine to convey the thoughts and detailed expression of the correlation to the presence of mass media and the society we have now. The magazine serves two main purposes. The first is to contribute a visual aspect to thoughtfully convey each example and how these issues are reflected in our society. It is done by showing you real life examples while also showcasing my craft as a graphic designer and working within my major. I believe that the visual experience is absolutely necessary and will help audiences take in the information on a different level. The artwork, is supposed to act as a visual reference to show the correlation between media and our perceptions and in order to highlight all my research. The second reason I am creating a magazine, is to make a satirical comment towards my thesis topic. This paper, is all about media and technology and the influence of it in our lives, and magazines are a large part of that world and have had a lot of influence in how we perceive certain aspects of who we are. To have my magazine portray all the information that has been researched, alongside current day examples of how mass media infiltrates our minds and takes over our lives, would be ironic. Magazines are an accepted vehicle for delivering imagery, opinion, and current events which is just another reason I chose a magazine as a accompanying project to this thesis. Today the need for validation of the press has become the ultimate source of truth in our society. This thesis will be examining the influence of mass media and the surge of technology in our society in the topics related to body image, race, gender and communication. It will not be delving into just the positive or negative effects,’but the effects on society in general as well as the pressures it has had in our lives. I will specifically be focusing on how technology and mass media has influenced individuals who are known as “iGen” or millennials. “A generation shaped by the smartphone and by the concomitant rise of social media. I call them iGen.” (Twenge). It is a generation cultivated by the smartphone.


media influence, gender, race, body image, communication

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