Education is fundamental in todays world and is in constant evolution just like everything else around us. What worked in the business world before cannot dictate what will work in the business world today and this could mean that it is time to re-build the basic blocks at a faster and more frequent pace. The business curriculum ought to be updated and improved to keep up with the revolution that the field is soon to face. This is because it affects various aspects of a student’s life while in the transition from academia to practice. Unifying themes in this thesis include but are not be restricted to the current educational structure for business students at college, the age at which a business professional can expect to earn a good position, age, gender, and generation gaps in business, the introduction of Millennials to the workforce and their expectations. The purpose of this research paper is to examine the value of a business degree, evaluate the business curriculum’s current sufficiency, and the returns it yields in the practical world to students and organizations in practice. This is done through a research study at LIU- POST: College of Management.


business, higher education, educational change, educational improvement, devolpment of higher education, education revolution, improvements in curriculum

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