There is always room for improvement in medicine. In many areas, we can make strides and advancements towards better treatment, but sometimes these strides although big for those giving and receiving the treatment, can in some cases be minuscule in terms of the bigger picture of medicine. Nevertheless, these strides, no matter their size, are all essential for the overall progression. The issue that was chosen to focus on was the need for improvement in the scope of Brain Tumors. Although there is much being done, it is pertinent to focus on Brain Tumors because the tumors occur in one of the most vital organs of the body. The main issue is tumors that occur within and around the brain, and it’s a vital issue to address because it is not so avidly discussed in regards to cancers that occur elsewhere in the body. Through this research we will uncover old, new, and current approaches to brain tumor assessment which directly correlate to approaching an accurate prognosis, diagnosis, and treatment plan for patients. Upon completion of finding all the aforementioned information, we will then speculate the precision and accuracy available for even better prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, etc. that could become available if those determinations were based off genetic markers commonly seen in the different types of brain tumors.

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Keri Wyllie

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