In my thesis paper, I begin by discussing research on the general relationship between music and advertising, such as research on the history of music and advertising, the general effects of music on consumer behavior, and the general effects of music in advertising on consumer behavior. I then discuss research on the general relationship between sports marketing and music, such as research on the types and uses of sports marketing, specific factors that make for successful sports advertising, the general effects of music on sports performance, the general cultural associations between music and sports, and examples of successful sports-related commercials and ad campaigns. I then discuss an original study I ran that explores the role of music in sports-related branding. My research suggests that there is indeed an important role that music can play in sports-related branding. The results of my study showed that consumers tend to be affected by music in sports-related commercials, and that they tend to have preferences for music they hear in sports-related commercials. For instance, the results of my original study showed that respondents tend to feel more energized/excited from music included in sports-related commercials, and prefer such commercials to have faster music rather than slower music. In addition, respondents also preferred the music featured in such commercials to be by an artist that they already know rather than by one they do not know. Also, respondents tended to desire lyrics in the background music used in sports-related commercials that emphasize an individual’s achievement and/or freedom.


Branding, sports, music, marketing, promotion branding

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Jared Wolfe

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