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This study focuses on Vincent Van Gogh and how we relate to him today through his paintings and his writings. My initial thesis question was based around the idea that there must be something about this man and his works that connects us to him in an embodied and profound way. Through my research, writing, and the creative process of creating a devised piece of physical theatre, I grew to believe that the connection we have with him is based around the unique experience of being human. In the following pages, I explore the idea of our shared human experience with Van Gogh through research about his life, research on how the human brain processes art, and many different examples of unique ways that people have connected with and responded to Van Gogh’s work. Additionally, I explore this idea by creating a devised piece of physical theatre using Van Gogh’s paintings as inspiration, and using his writings in combination with the writings of three actors to create a script and a piece of art that highlights the experience of being human.


Devised theatre, Physical theatre, Vincent Van Gogh, Human connection

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