Post Meal Plan

Dulmary Peralta, Long Island University


Purpose: Educate readers on the importance correlation between mental health, academic performance, physical health, and the foods we consume; Introduce a business plan in order to improve college students’ mental health, academic performance, physical health, by changing the foods they consume. Ultimate goal is to educate young adults on how important it is to not skip meals, and to choose better ingredients and quality foods not only for their physical bodies but make to it aware of the importance on foods and their mental health. Many college students don’t know nor realize that what they eat can affect not just their weight, but their everyday lives. Once that is understood, the introduction of the Business plan for Post Meal Plan can take place. Post Meal Plan is a personalized daily service where meals, dependant on the students’ health goals, are delivered directly to each students’ dorm room everyday in order to provide them with three to six meals a day- included in their tuition.