The world we live in today has caused many people to lose their faith in humanity. We are encouraged to discount each other’s differences instead of embracing them; we are either “blue or red”, “pro this or pro that”, “for us or against us." In such a world, how can we remind ourselves that we are all part of the human family? That there is more that unites us than divides us? I wanted to find a path towards finding these answers, and I propose that path is theatre. After all, researchers in London found that watching live theatre has the ability to synchronize heartbeats of perfect strangers, and helped an autistic boy to speak for the first time. Through research of the scientific effects of theatre on the human brain, body, and psyche, combined with anecdotal evidence to support that research, this thesis attempts to prove the importance and need for theatre in today’s society. It is more important than ever for people to be active audience members at live theatrical performances, because theatre reminds us at our core we are all humans. The research and anecdotes then became the source material for the creation of my devised twenty minute piece called, It Takes a Moment.

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Maria Porter