The current study sought to expand the knowledge base on the relationship between foster care experiences and the outcomes associated with these experiences. The different reported experiences in foster care were assessed using safety, power/control, esteem, and intimacy/trust themes. Foster care experiences were first identified and then compared to subsequent positive or negative outcomes. It was hypothesized that when subjects were reporting on their positive experiences in foster care, there would be positive correlations between intimacy/trust and positive outcomes, as well as safety and positive outcomes. In addition, with subjects reporting on their negative foster care experiences, there would be a positive correlation between safety and negative outcomes, as well as intimacy/trust and negative outcomes. Results showed significant correlations between both positive esteem experiences and positive intimacy/trust experiences with positive outcomes. There were also significant correlations between both negative safety experiences and negative esteem experiences with negative outcomes. Implications for the improvement of foster care placements and suggestions for future research are presented.


Foster Care, Outcomes, Trauma

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Dr. Thomas Demaria

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Psychology Department