Dissertations from 2017

Do Families with Involved Fathers have Better Parent Training Outcomes than Families with Uninvolved Fathers: A Quasi-Experimental Study, Saul Haimoff

Expert Teachers' Personal Constructs on Effective Parental Involvement for Adolescent Students, Patricia Ann Kolodnicki

A Path to Motivation: A Mediated Moderation Analysis of the Relationships Between Task-Contingent Rewards, Psychological Ownership, and Intrinsic Motivation Using Path Analysis, Raphael Morey

Skills for School Readiness: Beliefs of New York City’s Pre-K Teachers, Melissa Rosenfeld

Examining Parent Pretreatment Expectancies and Preferences in Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Adolescents, Erika Anna Schmidt Rooney

Effects of Constructivist Learning Environments and Learning Styles on International Students in U.S. Higher Education: A Path Analysis of Academic and Social Outcomes, Hanaa Wahba

Dissertations from 2016

Alternative-specific and Case-specific Factors Involved in the Decisions of Islamic School Teachers Affecting Teacher Retention: A Discrete Choice Experiment, Alaa Abd-El-Hafez

Art from the edge: The experience of publicly exhibiting artwork created in or about extreme states, Tristan Barsky

Experienced Teachers’ Stated Preferences Regarding Transferring From Well-Performing to Low-Performing Schools: A Discrete Choice Experiment, Adam Chagares

Social Media Use in Classroom Teaching: A Facet–Based Discourse Analysis of Key Factors Influencing Pedagogy, Anne Galante

Who's treatment is this anyway? Helpful and harmful aspects in the treatment of dissociative identity disorder phenomena, Noel Hunter

Expert Advice From Mentor Teachers to Improve First-Year Teachers’ Teaching and First-Year Experience, Robert Wottawa II

Dissertations from 2015

Towards a New Model of Information Validation: Modeling the Information Validation Process of Police Investigators, Michael Nizich

A Bakhtinian Dialogic Interactive Approach: Read-alouds with Spanish-speaking Kindergarteners, Maureen Schwartz

What Makes Students With Emotional Disturbance Stay in School and Graduate?, Kimberly Strothers

Trauma Art Narrative Therapy with Children in Residential Treatment: a Pilot Study, Melody Wysocki

Through Their Eyes: Perceptions of Psychotherapy and the Mental Health Field Held by Members of the Working Poor, Carey Zimmermann

Dissertations from 2014

Fourth-Grade Students' Subjective Interactions with the Seven Elements of Art: An Exploratory Case Study Using Q-Methodology, Paula Beck

"I do as much as any teacher"- Role Conflict Among Paraeducators in Private Special Education Schools, Diane Berger

Experienced Teachers' Construals of the Teacher's Role Across the Historical Process, Joseph Lemke

Human Information Behavior Among African Refugees in Tanzania: An Exploratory Study of the Nyarugusu Camp, Benedicta Obodoruku

Information Security: A Scientometric Study of the Profile, Structure, and Dynamics of an Emerging Scholarly Specialty, Nicholas Olijnyk

Dissertations from 2013

Discovering the Common Grading Preferences, Patterns, and Policies of Those Who Assess Writing, Rebecca Chowske

Information Seeking Behaviors of Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Christine Pitocco

Naturally-Emerging Technology-Based Leadership Roles in Three Independent Schools: A Social Network-Based Case Study Using Fuzzy Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Pamela Velastegui

Special Education Professional Standards: Which Skills Are Critical to Special Education Teacher Effectiveness?, Sara Woolf

Dissertations from 2012

Loving beyond Gender: Family Experiences of Transgender Loved Ones, Christine Cantner

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of the Rural Ugandan Village Library and Other Factors on the Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students, Valeda Dent

Do Callous and Unemotional Traits in Young Children Predict Change in Parenting and Child Behavior In Response to Behavioral Parent Training?, Sarah Lazer