Person-centered care is an approach to substance use treatment that is responsive to the client’s needs and values. It has been gaining popularity in recent years as there have been many negative connotations related to more traditional treatment methods that are directive and sometimes punitive. This research considered the use of the person-centered care approach to treatment and its effect on the clients’ perception of the care they are receiving. A cross sectional survey study was conducted at the Town of Babylon Beacon Family Wellness Center. This facility is an outpatient level substance use treatment facility that utilizes the person-centered care treatment method. A simple linear regression and two Independent Samples t Tests were conducted. The results of the linear regression showed that time in treatment was positively associated with satisfaction of care. Independent Samples t Tests showed that there was no significant difference in mean satisfaction scores between non-mandated and mandated clients, nor was there a difference between mean scores for African American clients and all other races. Recommendations for future research and practice were considered.

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