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Master of Arts (MA)


Media Arts

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Larry Banks, Chair

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Larry Banks, Chair

Claire Goodman, Member

Larry Banks, Member


Facebook, Influencer, Instagram, Monetizing social media, Social media, Twitter


Social media is an important component when it comes to starting a business. It is essential because it provides new businesses with multiple cost effect ways to grow their brand without neglecting other aspects of usual company marketing such as SEO tactics, website development, and advertising through traditional channels. Social media platforms provides exposure for new businesses that don’t have access to a great deal of revenue. Presence on social media platforms allows brands to deliver valuable information to their potential customers. They will be able to reach potential clients easily, and also grow relationships with existing customers. Social media has been proven to be an incredibly effective promotional medium, it is also a channel for connecting with others and updating your status for the world. Success is measured on social media through different engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and retweets. You can also measure your brand’s success by analyzing the impressions and reach the post has. Engagement with your content is important because it lets you know who is interested in your brand. While having a social media presence is important for businesses, there can also be some disadvantages as well. You can run the risk of over exposing your brand and receiving negative feedback from customers. Competitors are also easily able to copy your marketing strategy since your social media handle will be public. Then there is the possibility of having your brand account hacked by cyber scammers. Although there are some disadvantages to having a social media presence, it is still way more important to be sure the brand is available on social media platforms for potential clients to learn more about.