The Apocalyptic Fire

The Apocalyptic Fire


Angela Francis



The apocalyptic fire enshrouds the tree of life, flowers blooming, green fronds and white daisies peeking out from the dark. We see the fire but we also see light and bursts of life exploding near the branches of the tree. A pink heart throbs between a couple, walking toward the tree, hand in hand, their future uncertain, their names unknown. The tree and the people are in silhouette but everything else is alive, pushing the limits of endurance, striving to bloom.

(Written on behalf of Angie based on the images in her square, created in layers of orange and blue fabric, with the fire/light, the tree, the flowers, the heart, and the humans appliqued with orange thread. ~ Deborah Mutnick)

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

The Apocalyptic Fire