Make the Soil Rich

Make the Soil Rich


Sarah Hutt



The idea for this quilt came out of the idea of “making the soil rich.” This personal mantra grew out of a desire to find ways that I could effect positive change. With so many massive problems–environmental, economic, social–facing current and future generations, I often wonder what I can possibly do to help. I believe I can make the soil rich, put what I’ve learned from my elders, experiences, community, values, back into the soil for the next generation to grow strong. I can’t control the outcomes, but I can be dedicated to helping those I influence in my life and work, to grow strong, well, and wise by sharing what I know and have learned, and encouraging others to do the same.

As I started on this project, “making the soil rich” took on new meaning. I wondered, what would our societies look like if we poured our resources into our resources, into maintaining and developing them with purpose? What if in building our cities and space we prioritized building in balance with our environment and the essential resources we all depend on, rather than profit? How would those cities grow? How might they be more equitable, sustainable, and healthy? How might they make the soil rich for future generations? Rather than perpetuating a system where we aspire to make ourselves rich, what if we shifted to a world where we invest in making the soil rich to create abundance for all?

My quilted block explores this question.

I used primarily cotton material that I dyed naturally and eco printed with plants and homemade iron water made with rusted nails and horseshoes found in farmed soil and forests to tangibly bring the idea of the richness of the soil into the work.

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Art and Design | Urban Studies and Planning

Make the Soil Rich