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Doctor of Education (EdD)

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Professor Qiping Zhang


Learning analytics tools and techniques are continually developed and published in scholarly discourse. This study aims at examining the intellectual structure of the Learning Analytics domain by collecting and analyzing empirical articles on Learning Analytics for the period of 2004-2018. First, bibliometric analysis and citation analyses of 2730 documents from Scopus identified the top authors, key research affiliations, leading publication sources (journals and conferences), and research themes of the learning analytics domain. Second, Domain Analysis (DA) techniques were used to investigate the intellectual structures of learning analytics research, publication, organization, and communication (Hjørland & Bourdieu 2014). The software of VOSviewer is used to analyze the relationship by publication: historical and institutional; author and institutional relationships and the dissemination of Learning Analytics knowledge. The results of this study showed that Learning Analytics had captured the attention of the global community. The United States, Spain, and the United Kingdom are among the leading countries contributing to the dissemination of learning analytics knowledge. The leading publication sources are ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, and Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The intellectual structures of the learning analytics domain are presented in this study the LA research taxonomy can be re-used by teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to support the teaching and learning environments in a higher education institution.